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A SharePoint MVP bringing you the latest time saving tips for SharePoint 2013, Office 365 / SharePoint Online and Visual Studio 2013.

Corey’s Big Post of SharePoint 2010 Observations

Now that the NDA has been lifted, I am excited to talk about some of things that I have noticed are new, interesting, or changed in SharePoint 2010.  This post today is just a bullet list of random things that I thought were worth mentioning. Standard disclaimer: any of these items are subject to change, errors, omissions.  They are in no particular order.  I will detail many of these items more through out the next couple of weeks.  As I will state with all posts on this topic, everything discussed here is subject to change. 

  • As everyone knows SharePoint 2010 is 64 bit only.  For development, SharePoint 2010 will install on Windows 7 x64 and Windows Vista x64.  Good bye Virtual Machines!
  • SharePoint runs on .NET 3.5 SP1 not .NET 4.0
  • People Search has built-in support for wildcard searching
  • Keyword query syntax supports or/and as well as wildcards using an asterisk (*)
  • Search has built-in filters now (RefinementWebPart) with exact document counts – Think faceted search
  • The Enterprise SharePoint CAL includes Fast Search
  • Solution packages (.wsp) can now be deployed to the farm or to a sandbox on a site collection
  • Sandboxed solutions run under partial trust with permission only to ASP.NET web controls and the SharePoint object model
  • Sandboxed solutions cannot do certain privileges operations such as create site collections or elevate privileges
  • Most site definitions are now based upon wiki pages
  • You can deploy web parts directly inside a wiki editable section
  • The 14 Hive replaces the 12 Hive.  Referred to as the “SharePoint Root” now.
  • Stsadm is effectively considered dead and has been replace with PowerShell commands
  • The Shared Services Provider is gone.  Functionality exposed through Services Archicture
  • There are many new site definitions
  • Visual Web Parts are just user controls with a regular web part loading them with Page.LoadControl
  • Application Resource Files now work correctly out of the App_GlobalResources folder
  • Site Columns have a place to enter a validation formula in the UI
  • Lists have a place to enter a list-wide validation formula in the UI
  • Content Types may now be marked readonly in the UI
  • There is a new SharePoint Web Services site in IIS which hosts several services
  • A lot of items have been added to Services on Server
  • WSS Search has a failover database option now
  • Farm Solutions can’t be uploaded in Central Administration but Sandbox solutions can be uploaded to the site collection
  • Granular backup in CA allows export of sites or lists.  Options available to export security, versions, and data
  • Most postbacks have been removed from the UI
  • Obviously you already have heard about the Ribbon Bar
  • Most forms edit as an AJAX modal popup
  • New pages in CA to manage service accounts
  • Patch Management screens in CA
  • New folders in 14 Hive UserCode, WebClients, and WebServices
  • A new page to edit column default value settings in List Settings
  • List Settings –> Advanced: New options to allow offline, turn off the datasheet, or mark as the site asset library
  • New Ratings Settings in List Settings
  • New Metadata Navigation Settings in List Settings
  • New Per-Location View Settings in List Settings
  • Explorer View has been removed
  • XsltListViewWebPart replaces all previous data view web parts
  • New Events: WebAdding, WebProvisioned, ListAdding, ListAdded, ListDeleting, ListDeleted, WorkflowStarted, FeatureUpgrading
  • Event Receivers can be created in Visual Studio with a Wizard
  • You no longer have to implement all events in an Event Receiver
  • Support for relation lists using lookup columns
  • SharePoint now supports 50 million items in a list
  • SharePoint now allows a user to query 5,000 items in a view.  Replaces 2,000 (later 3,000) item recommendation in MOSS 2007
  • Queries in excess of the list throttling limitation will not be executed for normal users.  Throttle limits are configurable at a web application level.
  • Visual Studio 2010 still lags forever when opening Visual Web Parts or Application Pages
  • Application Pages now use the site master page.
  • Collaboration Portal site template has been replaced with Enterprise Wiki
  • CoreResultsWebPart still doesn’t support wildcards with built-in Search Center
  • You can now have multiple index servers
  • Content Sources can specify priority for crawling (normal or high)
  • Document Set is a new content type that allows you to add child content types to it and work with the set of documents as one item
  • Workflows no longer require list items.  Can be assigned to a site or document set
  • The progress of a particular workflow can be viewed in Visio
  • External Data Exchange can be used to wake up workflows externally
  • The Site Actions menu has been moved to the left side
  • SharePoint now has built-in web analytics
  • Cross-Browser Support: Tier 1: Internet Explorer, Firefox.  Tier 2: Safari.  No idea about Chrome and Opera.
  • Word and PowerPoint documents can now be edited directly in a browser (separate install)
  • Application definition files for Business Connectivity Services can be created with SharePoint Designer
  • SharePoint Designer no longer hard codes GUIDs into everything
  • Folders are now supported in Page List for WCM publishing
  • What’s Popular web part displays popular content, search queries, and results
  • Enterprise Content Types – allows content types be defined in one site collection and get replicated to other site collections
  • Document Sets allow you to manage multiple documents of varying content types together
  • In Place Records Management feature allows for documents to be marked as records directly in existing document libraries
  • Hold and eDiscovery feature allows you to place holds on documents in existing document libraries without having to export documents to a separate records center
  • New Document Id Service adds a unique ID to all documents which can be used if the document is ever moved
  • The breadcrumbs control has changed and may take some getting used to (especially in administration pages)
  • New compliance details link on document properties page.  Allows viewing of holds, exemption, record status, and audit log
  • CoreResultsWebPart has methods you can override to affect query execution and results display
  • All other search web parts are still sealed
  • BDC now equals Business Data Connectors.  BCS = Business Connectivity Services (the old BDC)
  • Bulk operations can now be performed on list items
  • Content Type new/edit forms can be built in InfoPath
  • Detached seems to be the new term for customized (ghosted) pages
  • Can now specify Joins and Projected Fields in CAML queries
  • Can add a column constraint in lists now to not allow duplicate values
  • Solutions can have dependencies on each other now (validated at deployment time)
  • Workflow associations can be specified via feature

I’ll keep adding to this list as I observe things.  I’ll also add links to posts with more detail as I write them.   If you see any errors please let me know.



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זהו חברים. מהיום ניתן להתחיל לחשוף את SharePoint 2010. אז מי שחשב שזו תהיה השקה בסגנון R2 ל-2007 בהחלט

October 19, 2009 5:04 PM

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October 21, 2009 5:13 PM

fdaske said:

SharePoint 2010 external list (BCS) for MOSS 2007 / WSS 3.0?

If you like the new SharePoint 2010 external list feature and the new Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and want to make use of something similar in SharePoint 2007 / WSS 3.0 to connect SharePoint lists (no web parts) directly to external data sourcees (with change workflow), please take a look at:

The shareware version is completely free for download and use.

October 30, 2009 6:38 AM

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