How to: Get the available choices from a choice content type

Posted Thursday, March 13, 2008 3:56 PM by CoreyRoth

I was recently building an ASP.NET control that needed to display a DropDownList with the same choices coming from a Choice content type.   It is pretty easy to get access to a content type, but getting the available choices for the content type requires a cast.   The first thing to know is some UI to API translation.  Site Column in the UI is referred to as a Field in the API.  Here is the code.

using (SPWeb currentSite = SPContext.Current.Web)


    MyDropDownList.DataSource = ((SPFieldChoice)currentSite.Fields["MyChoiceSiteColumn"]).Choices;



The Fields collection will return you an SPField object but you need to cast it to an SPFieldChoice object to get to the collection called Choices.  This is just a simple string collection that can be bound to a DropDownList or whatever.  Hopefully, this helps if you ever need to get access to the choices of this content type.

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