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  • cheetah templates on Google App Engine

    I've run across a few blog entries that indicate other people have managed to get this working, but I don't see any hints around (or even about) this particular problem. Maybe it's something that is just really well known for Genshi and Mako, and I just didn't make the connection. Anyway...
    Posted to Not Necessarily Dot Net (Weblog) by JamesAshley on 12-15-2008
  • Initial Thoughts on Google App Engine

    If you haven't heard of Google App Engine by now, you've probably been living under a rock. I won't try to explain it, or even include any links. Go check out what google has to say about it: it's intriguing, at the very worst. It's really the first step toward the distributed web...
    Posted to Not Necessarily Dot Net (Weblog) by JamesAshley on 05-08-2008
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