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  • A tip to remember when calling custom web services in SharePoint from JavaScript (or jQuery)

    I’ve been customizing rendering templates a lot lately using a wide variety of scripting technologies such as JavaScript, jQuery, and SPServices .  One requirement I had with all of these rendering templates was to call a custom web service to populate a drop down list.  This is relatively...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 08-03-2010
  • Quick reminder to use noConflict() with jQuery in SharePoint

    I’ve seen quite a few posts on jQuery and SharePoint lately. I haven’t seen too many people point this out (maybe I didn’t search well enough :) ), so I thought I would take a quick minute to remind you to use jQuery’s noConflict() method in SharePoint.  It appears somewhere in all of the magic...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 08-03-2009
  • Manipulating the DOM with jQuery

    In previous posts I talked about selecting DOM elements with jQuery. In this post I am going to discuss 5 ways you can manipulate the DOM with jQuery. Setting the contents of an element There are many situations where you want to add content dynamically to your page (eg. Error messages, ajax results...
    Posted to Kyle Kelin on .Net (Weblog) by KyleKelin on 10-05-2008
  • Selecting DOM Elements with jQuery (Part 1)

    I promised a few people that I would write a few blog posts on jQuery . Plus I am also going to be speaking at Tulsa Techfest on jQuery so these blog posts will help me prepare for that talk. In this post I am going to focus on selectors in jQuery. Selectors are extremely powerful and really the first...
    Posted to Kyle Kelin on .Net (Weblog) by KyleKelin on 09-28-2008
  • DateTime serialization issue with .NET and JSON

    I was writing some client code that calls some .NET Web Services and getting a strange error. I wanted to post this just to warn people to watch out for the DateTime object and null values. I have two web services, one gets an array of Entity objects and the other takes an array of Entity objects. The...
    Posted to Kyle Kelin on .Net (Weblog) by KyleKelin on 08-22-2008
  • Unobtrusive JavaScript

    My current project is a web part with a ton of that Web 2.0 goodness. The client wants a very rich user experience with lots of draggie droppie stuff. So my first thought was to do a quick prototype with ASP.NET AJAX and the AJAX Toolkit but I knew from past experiences the toolkit was very inflexible...
    Posted to Kyle Kelin on .Net (Weblog) by KyleKelin on 07-29-2008
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