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  • Broken has_key on GAE, using Cheetah Templates

    The GAE developers have done something that seems incredibly stupid to me, but it probably won't seem to matter that much to anyone who hasn't been using Python for a while. They've defined a has_key() method on their ORM's Model class. What it really does is check to see if the Model...
    Posted to Not Necessarily Dot Net (Weblog) by JamesAshley on 02-08-2009
  • Pyjamas on Google App Engine

    Pyjamas is one of the most interesting frameworks I've run across in a long time. You write a desktop-style app (it looks a lot like something you'd do if you were lame enough to actually write WPF code instead of using the GUI to build XAML) in python, and run it through a "compiler"...
    Posted to Not Necessarily Dot Net (Weblog) by JamesAshley on 01-22-2009
  • cheetah templates on Google App Engine

    I've run across a few blog entries that indicate other people have managed to get this working, but I don't see any hints around (or even about) this particular problem. Maybe it's something that is just really well known for Genshi and Mako, and I just didn't make the connection. Anyway...
    Posted to Not Necessarily Dot Net (Weblog) by JamesAshley on 12-15-2008
  • First Impressions of Web2py

    It kicks ass. There's a video that demonstrates web2py and Google appengine that pretty much says it all. If you're like me, and you'd rather read a set of step-by-step instructions than watch a video, this is for you. (OK, this is actually for me when I start a new project 6 months down...
    Posted to Not Necessarily Dot Net (Weblog) by JamesAshley on 05-13-2008
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