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  • Sitecore 6

    Alright, it's out. I've downloaded it, but not installed yet. I've only just begun reading about the changes and whoah! - way more than I expected! No more masters? Three kinds of templates? Field types renamed? My head is spinning. I can't wait to play with this stuff and I'll be...
    Posted to Kevin Williams .NET and Stuff (Weblog) by Kevin on 07-01-2008
  • Varying OutputCache by URL in Sitecore

    I know it has been quite some time since my last blog post, but I thought this was worth writing down. The goal was to vary our header html caching by URL. The OutputCache directive in ASP.NET does not provide this option out of the box, so I had to do a VaryByCustom. VaryByParam is required so we set...
    Posted to Cory Robinson's Blog (Weblog) by CoryRobinson on 05-07-2008
  • Detect Preview and Preview Date in Sitecore

    We have a piece of content on this site we're working on that comes from an outside system instead of Sitecore. The client has requested that when they are previewing the site, this particular piece of content also be shown as a preview. Luckily, the outside system allows us to request the content...
    Posted to Kevin Williams .NET and Stuff (Weblog) by Kevin on 03-26-2008
  • Sitecore Crestone

    It seems several people still haven't heard about Crestone, so thought I'd make a quick mention of it here... The new Sitecore release (due out mid-year, hopefully) is code-named Crestone. The beta program is just spinning up, but a few details have leaked out already. 64-bit support is one of...
    Posted to Kevin Williams .NET and Stuff (Weblog) by Kevin on 03-08-2008
  • Sitecore Custom Field Type - Filtered MultiList

    For a project I'm currently working on, the client wanted to have a multilist field on one of their templates but have the list of items displayed on the "All" side filtered according to some complex rules. Normally, you can filter that list by assigning an XPath query to the Source property...
    Posted to Kevin Williams .NET and Stuff (Weblog) by Kevin on 02-28-2008
  • Find Out the Current Workflow State for an Item in Sitecore

    Something I was working on today required me to figure out a way to determine the current workflow state for a Sitecore item. Note, this code is running within the context of the content editor (a custom field type, to be exact). Obviously, an item in the web database had better be in the "Published"...
    Posted to Kevin Williams .NET and Stuff (Weblog) by Kevin on 02-14-2008
  • Sitecore Xpress - Initial Thoughts

    Someone asked me today if I ever got around to downloading and installing the new Sitecore Xpress. I did indeed! My first impression? It's just the Sitecore SBSK (Small Business Starter Kit) re-packaged with a nice "free for personal use" license slapped on top. Kind of underwhelming, but...
    Posted to Kevin Williams .NET and Stuff (Weblog) by Kevin on 02-13-2008
  • Sitecore Xpress

    Sitecore Xpress launches tomorrow!
    Posted to Kevin Williams .NET and Stuff (Weblog) by Kevin on 02-06-2008
  • Hello World

    Ok, time for the usual lame first blog post to test that everything is set up properly, yada yada... Maybe an introduction? I'm currently working as a consultant doing .NET and web development work in Tulsa, OK. I have worked with lots of programming languages over the years including C/C++, Python...
    Posted to Kevin Williams .NET and Stuff (Weblog) by Kevin on 01-24-2008
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