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  • Using jQuery in Sitecore's Content Editor

    It’s spring break and I wasn’t going to make any blog posts this week, but I just ran across this post ( ) from Mark van Aalst concerning using jQuery in Sitecore’s content editor and I just had to comment on it... I have tried to...
    Posted to Kevin Williams .NET and Stuff (Weblog) by Kevin on 03-19-2010
  • Sitecore RSS Syndication and the EviBlog Module

    Mark van Aalst’s EviBlog shared source module takes advantage of the new RSS feed features added to Sitecore in version 6.2, but if you haven’t set that up yet (I hadn’t!) then you may be wondering how to make it work. It’s actually quite simple! In Content Editor, navigate in the tree to where you want...
    Posted to Kevin Williams .NET and Stuff (Weblog) by Kevin on 03-08-2010
  • EviBlog Module for Sitecore 6.2

    So I keep hearing about this EviBlog module for Sitecore and how it blows away the old blogs module and how I just have to check it out. So, I finally found some time over the weekend to do a fresh Sitecore 6.2 install, downloaded and installed EviBlog (you can get it here
    Posted to Kevin Williams .NET and Stuff (Weblog) by Kevin on 03-02-2010
  • Sitecore 6 - Insert From Template in Page Editor

    I've just started working with the new Sitecore 6 Page Editor. Yesterday, I noticed something that really bothered me - a content editor user (one who I had placed in the Sitecore Client Authoring role) seemed to have access to the full "Insert From Template" functionality. As I had been...
    Posted to Kevin Williams .NET and Stuff (Weblog) by Kevin on 02-13-2009
  • Sitecore 6

    Alright, it's out. I've downloaded it, but not installed yet. I've only just begun reading about the changes and whoah! - way more than I expected! No more masters? Three kinds of templates? Field types renamed? My head is spinning. I can't wait to play with this stuff and I'll be...
    Posted to Kevin Williams .NET and Stuff (Weblog) by Kevin on 07-01-2008
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