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  • How to: Set up People Search in SharePoint 2013

    Looking back at my analytics, I found that my People Search in SharePoint 2010 was quite popular.  I thought I would update that post for SharePoint 2013.  The process is similar but there are a few things to be aware of.  People Search requires you to have the User Profile Service Application...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 01-03-2013
  • Are you getting the most out of SharePoint Search?

    As we start out the new year, I thought I would start out with a post talking about one of my favorite SharePoint topics, Enterprise Search.  Over the years, I’ve seen a variety of search configurations.  Some companies have great implementations and other companies really struggle.  For...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 01-03-2011
  • How to set up People Search in SharePoint 2010

    Since I’m talking about Enterprise Search tonight at OKCSUG , I thought I would write up a quick post on the steps you need to follow in order to get People Search working in SharePoint 2010.  The critical piece of course is getting the User Profile Synchronizations service working.  There...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 03-29-2010
  • Dude! Where’s my Search Center?

    You might have seen my last post on People Search and were so excited to try it out only to find that you only have a Basic Search Center template available or the search center you have already created doesn’t have a People tab.  By default, on the New Site menu, you are only able to create a Basic...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 03-11-2010
  • A quick look at phonetic People Search in SharePoint 2010

    Maybe you hadn’t noticed, but talking about Search is my favorite topic in SharePoint (with ECM closely following it). :)  This is why I am so excited about the new features we are seeing in Enterprise Search.  Wildcards and built in refinement were enough to bring a tear to my eye, but People...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 03-11-2010
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