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First Tulsa SharePint Meeting

Way back when I lived in New York I would attend technology meetups that were held at bars. There were meetups for everything you could think of including .NET, Java, Agile, XP, and SharePoint. Each varied a little in format but the basic idea is to gather people who share a common technology interest at a bar and then add beer. Sometimes the whole group debated while other times the conversations would splinter off into 2 or 3 person conversations.

So on Thursday October 16th at 6:00pm Corey Roth and I will host the first SharePint (I'm spelling this wrong on purpose. It is sort of a pun) in Tulsa at Crawpappy's. Basically show up to have a beer or two and discuss SharePoint and whatever else is on your mind. We won't have speakers or agendas or topics planned though I do encourage everyone to come with a few conversation ideas. And if you don't know anything about SharePoint come anyway because you might find someone there to discuss Iron Python or Perl with.

Unfortunately at the moment you will have to furnish the pint in SharePint. I am hoping by the second meeting to get a recruiting company to buy the first two rounds for everyone in exchange for me handing out their business card. So if you are a recruiter or know one that wants to do that let me know.

So I hope to see all two of my readers there.

Disclaimer: Neither Corey or I will be driving anyone home. Since public transportation in Tulsa is virtually nonexistent either limit your alcohol consumption or make arrangements to get home without driving.

Directions to Crawpappy's

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