Ok, time for the usual lame first blog post to test that everything is set up properly, yada yada...  Maybe an introduction?  I'm currently working as a consultant doing .NET and web development work in Tulsa, OK.  I have worked with lots of programming languages over the years including C/C++, Python, Java, VB, C#, and others.  I've developed for various Unix platforms, done some Mac development, lots of web development, and for Windows of course.

No idea what exactly I'll be writing about on this blog.  Right now, I'm playing with an open source .NET CMS called Umbraco as well as messing with using Cocoa# to put native Mac GUIs on my .NET programs, so those topics are sure to show up.  I also work with the Sitecore CMS a lot at work, so that might show up here as well.


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