Using Ionic Framework with SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

Posted Tuesday, March 26, 2019 3:18 PM by CoreyRoth

For those that know me, you might have heard about my extensive use of Ionic Framework, a mobile app platform, to build various side projects including BrewZap and HappenZap. If you aren’t familiar with Ionic Framework, it’s a node.js based development framework for mobile apps. Ionic was originally built using AngularJS and then modern versions of Angular. With it’s recent release of 4.0.0, Ionic has made the shift to web components. This has allowed Ionic to support other frameworks such as React and Vue. I’ve been trying to get Ionic Framework to work inside SPFx on and off for about two years now. Now with SPFx 1.8 and React 16.7.0, all of the dependencies have lined up and it is in fact possible using the new Ionic React.



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