Speaking at SharePoint Conference 2012

Posted Wednesday, September 26, 2012 8:42 AM by CoreyRoth

I have the honor of speaking again at SharePoint Conference this year and I think this one is going to be a great one.  I have two talk this year covering development and administration.  My company, Infusion, has been working with Microsoft to deliver quite a few Windows Store (Windows 8 Metro Style) apps.  They have delivered a number of proof of concepts that all have nice touch driven interfaces.  I have been busy with other stuff, so I haven’t had the opportunity to play with this new development model…until now.  My first talk titled, (#SPC025) Bring SharePoint to the Desktop: Building Windows 8 Metro Style Apps with SharePoint is centered around different ways we can leverage SharePoint data in a rich full-screen interface.  This developer-centric talk will show you the basics of building Windows 8 apps and then take advantage of the new SharePoint 2013 APIs to do data binding and notifications.  If you have an interest in Windows 8 and SharePoint, this talk is for you.

My other talk, (#SPC195) PowerShell 3.0 Administration with SharePoint 2013, covers everything from tips and tricks with PowerShell to key new cmdlets you will want to know about.  We’ll talk about installing solution packages, managing upgrades, provisioning the new service applications, and more.  I promise I’ll do my best to make PowerShell an exciting topic.  I know some of you out there love it, so I think it will be a fun talk.

The session list for SPC12 just got announced so be sure and check it out.  I’ll see you all there.  What are you looking forward to?

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