Quick Tip: Determining the Id of a Feature from the Features Page

Posted Wednesday, September 30, 2009 9:53 AM by CoreyRoth

Ever been on the features page and wondered what the Id of a Feature is?


The features page in the SharePoint UI is obviously a quick and easy way to activate and deactivate features.  However, at first glance all you see is the title and description of the feature.  You have no idea of knowing what the folder is let alone its Id.  You’re out of luck on determining the feature folder name here, but you can get the Id pretty easily by viewing the source HTML of  the page.  I want to know the Id of the My Web Part feature, so I view the source and type in the name of the web part.


Looking at the source, we can quickly find what we need.


Take a look at the snippet of HTML above.  This is where it displays the information for the title and description of my web part.  Following that, you will see a non XHTML compliant div tag (really hope the HTML is better in the next version) with an id set to a GUID.  As you might guess, that GUID is the Id of the Feature.  It’s that simple.  Just a quick tip today.  Hope you find it useful.

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