301 Redirects in .NET 4.0

Posted Friday, August 28, 2009 9:46 AM by CoreyRoth

I posted in the past how to do a simple search engine friendly redirect using the 301 HTTP status code.  I thought this was always something that needed to be included in the framework and it looks like it finally will be in .NET 4.0.  I saw this mentioned in Scottgu’s post about multi-targeting and thought it was worth mentioning today since I have posted on it in the past.  To do a 301 redirect, use the new RedirectPermanent() method on the response object.  It takes the same parameters as the Redirect() method.  Here is what it would look like.


This type of redirect obviously doesn’t really matter for internal sites, but for public facing sites, if you are relying on a redirect somewhere, it is best to do it with a 301 as the search engines don’t really care for the standard 302 redirect.  At least they didn’t at one time.  I am not SEO expert.

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