Slides and Code Samples from SharePoint Saturday Tulsa

Posted Monday, March 30, 2009 2:41 PM by CoreyRoth

This Saturday, I had the opportunity to give my talk on Deploying Code in SharePoint at SharePoint Saturday Tulsa (School of Dev) put together by David Walker.  That day a freak snowstorm came through but the event still had quite a few people attend.  I had an opportunity to catch SharePoint Cowboy’s talk on Custom Site Definitions as well as Kyle Kelin’s talk on TypeMock.

Unfortunately, the code demo for this talk didn’t work perfectly on me (despite having done it successfully in Kansas City and fine the day before).  For some reason, the solution package wasn’t copying out the assembly.  I retracted the solution and deployed only to one web application and it worked correctly.  I also had a cut and paste issue in my .webpart file.  For the record I looked in the logs (12 hive \ logs) folder to troubleshoot my issue.  I’ve attached the corrected code and slides to this post.

Here is a brief list of posts that I have written about various topics relating to deployment.  Many of which I mentioned in my talk.

DotNetMafia also had our second Beer and Code (SharePint) event.  Despite the snow, we still had some people turn out and we had a good time with plenty of food and beverages.  Our next event will be during Tech Fest 2009.  Thanks again to TekSystems for sponsoring the event.


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