Where did my horizontal line go in my search results after I installed the Infrastructure Update?

Posted Tuesday, July 22, 2008 1:10 PM by CoreyRoth

I have been really enjoying the new features of the Infrastructure Update, but I noticed that something didn't look quite right about my search results.  It finally occurred to me, that the horizontal line separating the description and the URL was no longer being displayed.  So, I got out the IE Developer Toolbar and determined that the style in question was srch-MetaData.  Comparing the style between an updated server and one that hadn't been updated, I discovered that there was no longer a top border defined in this element.  I knew this file was defined in core.css, but that file still had the same date and the contents had not changed.   I noticed that portal.css had a new date on it so I began looking through there and found several new styles to handle the new search features, as long with the culprit style below.

    BORDER-TOP: 0px none !important;
    MARGIN:0px 0px 20px !important;

This was it.  The top border was being removed by this element.  As a quick fix, I just removed this style and my search results looked normal again.  Of course as Microsoft always reminds you, any SharePoint files you modify in the hive are subject to be changed by a future version.


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