School of Dev was fun (Slides Attached)

Posted Monday, May 12, 2008 8:59 AM by CoreyRoth

I had a good time at School of Dev this weekend.  It had a fairly decent crowd consider this was its first time and it was on Mother's Day weekend.  There was some good info there and I think just about everyone got a prize or two.  I had the opportunity to give my updated talk on Searching Business Data with MOSS 2007 Enterprise Search.  In the talk, I walked through how to search line of business data exposed through a web service.  My slides are attached to this post.

I also had the opportunity to catch a couple of other SharePoint sessions.  I made it to Dennis Bottjer's session on Developing a Public Facing Internet Portal with MOSS 2007.  I also caught Becky "MOSS Lover" Isserman's session on using AJAX in SharePoint.  All in all I had a good time and I enjoyed the opportunity to be able to talk with other SharePoint developers.

I am looking forward to TechFest 2008.  I am currently working on a new talk on using Code Access Security with SharePoint which hopefully I will be giving at a user group meeting fairly soon.


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