Web Application Projects 1.0 Released

Posted Wednesday, May 10, 2006 8:25 AM by C-Dog's .NET Tip of the Day

The final version of the web application project template has finally been released. This gives you a web project that is pretty much similar to that of Visual Studio 2003. This makes conversion from 2003 require almost no code changes, but you do do lose some of the benefits of the traditional web project in 2.0. For example, since web application projects have a project file, you still have to check it out and in to add a new file to the project. It also compiles everything into a single DLL (although this may be configurable, I'm not sure yet). It does add one cool thing which is edit and continue support in both C# and VB.

If you have a situation in which this style of project makes more sense, go check it out.

Web Application Projects 1.0

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