VB Code Snippets Now Available in C#

Posted Friday, January 27, 2006 2:49 PM by C-Dog's .NET Tip of the Day

A while back I posted about how some of the better code snippets are only available for VB. Although, that was all perfectly fine for Marcus, the rest of us couldn't take advantage of these handy chunks of code. Well, Microsoft went ahead and ported all of them over to C#, so now you can take advantage of them when using C#.

There are now snippets available in the following categories. There are code snippets here to do common things such as read text from a file or ping a computer. A lot of them are pretty handy, so be sure and check them out to save yourself on some code.

  • Application Code Snippets
  • Collections and Arrays Code Snippets
  • Connectivity Code Snippets
  • Crystal Reports Code Snippets
  • Database Code Snippets
  • Datatypes Code Snippets
  • File System Code Snippets
  • Math Code Snippets
  • Operating System Code Snippets
  • Security Code Snippets
  • Smart Devices Code Snippets
  • Windows Forms Code Snippets
  • XML Code Snippets

Be sure and click on the link after the group of snippets labeled click here to download all of them at once. It is a total pain in the ass to do each group seperately and I couldn't get it to work right anyway. You can find them at the URL below. Lastly after you get the snippets installed, you will have to go to the Code Snippet Manager (Ctrl+K, Ctrl+B) and add the folder where it installed them which is typically C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\MSDN\Visual C# 2005 Code Snippets\

C# Code Snippets

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