This is a well known feature of ASP.NET 2.0, but I have yet to talk about how it works.  ASP.NET 2.0 now supports posting to another page (i.e.: Page1.aspx can post to Page2.aspx).  The page that is posted to can access anything from the first page (i.e.: controls, etc).  To specify a page to post back to, start by specifying a PostBackUrl on your submit button (this could be a Button, ImageButton, or LinkButton).  In the page that you post to, if you need to check to see if this is a cross-page postback, you can check the value of the IsCrossPagePostBack property in the Page class.
As I said earlier, you can access controls from the calling page.  Unfortunately, you have to do it through the use of FindControl(), which is why I would never be convinced to build an application with these.  The Page class has a PreviousPage property which can then be used to find the control.
if (Page.IsCrossPagePostBack)
      TextBox PickupLocationTextBox = 
Honestly, I don't care to go through all of that to get the value of a TextBox.   If you ever have to though, that is how you can do it.

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