Microsoft decided to introduce in ASP.NET 2.0 what we built a long time ago when we relaunched our web site.   A new file web.sitemap has been added which contains a links and title to various pages on your sites.  The file can be set up in a hierarchy just like our navigation which allows you to build things like breadcrumbs automatically. 
A sitemap file could look like this.
  <siteMapNode title="Home" url="~/default.aspx" >
    <siteMapNode title="Introduction to ASP.NET" url="~/introduction/default.aspx">
    <siteMapNode title="What's New in Whidbey?" url="~/introduction/whatsnew.aspx"/>
      <siteMapNode title="Sample Applications (Starter Kits)" url="~/introduction/starterkits.aspx"/>
      <siteMapNode title="Introduction to Visual Web Developer" url="~/introduction/vwd.aspx"/>
Three new controls have been introduced that make use of this new web.sitemap file.  SiteMapPath can be used to make breadcrumbs.  Menu can be used to make basic javascript/dhtml menus but it is fully customizable.  Lastly, TreeView will allow a user to browse to any node in the siteMap similar to the type of tree control they use in MSDN Subscriber downloads.

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