Well I tried to post this yesterday and then after I had typed the whole thing, my session has expired.  I went back and of course SharePoint automatically clears any values in the body textbox.  Therefore, I am going to try again.
ASP.NET 2.0 adds many caching improvements that are easy to use.  Some of the controls I have already mentioned have this built right in (i.e.: ObjectDataSource and SqlDataSource).  To cache with either of these simply set EnableCaching equal to true and set the CacheDuration to the length you want to cache (in seconds).   A SqlDataSource with caching looks like this.
   Runat="server" />

In this case the SqlDataSource will cache the data for 10 minutes.  If you have parameters that might change (i.e.: it is bound to a textbox or something), it will autoamtically store each use of the parameter in the cache.  Instead of covering everything about caching like I tried to do yesterday, tomorrow I will cover Sql Cache Invalidation.

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