ASP.NET 2.0 offers a variety of compilation options.  As of Beta 2, Web sites can be compiled just like they are in 1.1 (i.e.: binaries with aspx pages left untouched).   As you know, in ASP.NET 1.1, the first time you go to a web page in an application, there is a delay while the Framework compiles the IL code.  In 2.0, this delay can be removed for a customer by going to precompile.axd off of your web application's root.  Going to this URL will simply return a message that says your application has been precompiled successfully (provided there is nothing wrong with your application of course).  Now, the first customer to go to your site will not have to experience any delay visiting the site.
ASP.NET applications can aslo be precompiled using the Publish Web Site menu option in Visual Studio 2005.  Using that option, will compile the entire web site (inclucing aspx and ascx files) into a single group of binaries.  This allows the entire site to tbe deployed by moving the bin folder.  This option obviously has its limitations since it could never work with Rhythmyx.  Note: precompile.axd can not be used when you compile with this method, because the application is already precompiled.

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