22 September 2009
MS Surface Gotcha When Developing on x64 Platform
If you’re getting into MS Surface development and your development OS of choice is a x64 flavor of Windows Vista or Windows 7, there are several things to watch out for. Fortunately several people have already blogged about how to patch the SDK installer so you can install it on the x64 platform. Most... Read More...
19 March 2009
ASP.Net MVC RTM Gotcha
If you’re like me, you get so excited to check out the RTM of any piece of software you’ve spent the past several months (or more) evaluating, that you dismiss the release notes. Well, this time it cost me. I went to create a new view in Visual Studio, used the new wizard that allows you to strongly... Read More...
08 October 2008
Post build event for an entire solution in Visual Studio
While creating the SDK for Reactor, I ran into a need to execute an outside utility after building a solution in Visual Studio. The utility packages up all project outputs in a solution and prepares it for registration with a Reactor server. Obviously, post build events at the project level were not... Read More...
08 October 2008
Using the System.AddIn namespace to facilitate extensibility, Part Two
Part two of this multi-part series on the System.AddIn model focuses on the add-in pipeline. If you haven't read Part One , or you're not familiar with the System.AddIn model, you should read it before continuing. Pipeline Overview The add-in pipeline is a set of logical segments that the host... Read More...
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06 October 2008
Using the System.AddIn namespace to facilitate extensibility.
If you've ever written a plug in framework for an application, you can appreciate how much work goes into managing the framework and the add ins it supports. The purpose of this post is to introduce you to the facilities contained in the .Net framework that make add in support much, much easier.... Read More...
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